About Access Connecticut

As a nonprofit organization we seek to employ best practices in both transparency and accountability.  The Board of Directors has adopted Bylaws and a Policy Statement, as amended to include Rules of Conduct, which are required to be publicly displayed on the Access Connecticut website, and include a Code of Ethics, Responsibilities of Board of Directors and Advocates, Financial Transparency Statement and Guidelines for Advocates.



These by-laws are intended to supplement and implement applicable provisions of law
and of the Certificate of lncorporation of this Gorporation with respect to the regulation of
the affairs of this Corporation.



SECTION 1. Management. The property, business and affairs of the corporation
shall be managed by the board of directors.

SECTION 2. Numbers, Election and Term of Office. There will be no less than
three (3) and no more than five (5) directorships on the Board of Directors.

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For the organization to function optimally and foster open, productive dialogue it is essential that dialogue (in person, telephone or via email) be experienced as safe and welcoming by its members. The following Rules of Conduct are intended to promote such an environment.

1. We will treat each other with respect and dignity in our language and conduct.

2. There will be no name calling, swearing or offensive language, insults, humiliating, shaming, contempt or disgust directed at each other. Note that these behaviors, even if directed at someone outside the group, tend to create a hostile atmosphere. Strong feelings can be expressed with strong language without become hostile or emotionally violent. We will endeavor to “use our words” and express ourselves without demonizing others.

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This Policy Statement includes the following: Code of Ethics, Responsibilities of Board of Directors, Financial Transparency Statement, and Guidelines for Advocates This Policy statement is intended to supplement the bylaws. ln any instance where there may be a conflict between this Policy Statement and the bylaws, the bylaws shall control. This policy Statement and the bylaws shall be publicly displayed on the Access Connecticut website.


All board members, officers and advocates shall comply with the following: o Understand and commit to Access Connecticut as defined by the bylaws and Policy Statement. o Accurately represent the proposals and arguments of Access Connecticut in all communication. lt is critically important that Access Connecticut be perceived as speaking with one voice….

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IRS Form 990 is our federal tax document which is filed annually to allow the public to evaluate how we operate as a nonprofit organization.






501(c)4 Status Determination Letter

Feel free to contact us. We welcome your inquiries and input. You can also send a direct message to Access Connecticut on our Facebook page.

Access Connecticut Now, Inc.
PO Box 270129
639 Park Road
West Hartford, CT 06107

Karen Caffrey
President, Director
Tel: 860-306-0900

Eileen McQuade
Secretary, Director

Carolyn Goodridge

Access Connecticut is a grassroots organization dedicated to restoring the right of every adult adoptee born in Connecticut to access their original birth certificate (OBC). We encourage all advocates to exercise their voice. Here are some recommended guidelines to follow if you’re new to advocacy (or want a refresher!)

Guidelines for Advocates

Be Respectful.
Passion, determination, and even anger (passionate, respectful anger) can persuade people and be helpful. So can a calm demeanor, logic, information and facts. Contempt, sarcasm, whining, etc. turns people off. Enough said.

Listen To People.
Be sure to listen carefully to what people’s concerns may be, so you can respond to their questions specifically. When they ask about birth mothers, what is their specific concern? E.g. – Do they think birth mothers don’t want contact? Let them know 95% of birth mothers want to be contacted. Do they ask about the tiny percentage of birth mothers who don’t want to be contacted? Explain how Contact Preference forms work. You get the idea.

Ask Them To Listen.
Many people know little about the issues or have questions/concerns. Ask them if they would be willing to learn more about by following our Facebook page or reviewing our website. A big part of our job is informing people about the issues.

Inform Yourself.
There is A LOT of good information on our website, some of it quite particular and helpful to us here Connecticut. Make sure you know your basic facts.

Ask For Help.
We’re here to help you, answer questions people have that you can’t, and provide what resources we can. Ask.

Be Kind To Yourself.
This is a more or less emotional issue for many of us, and it can take a lot of energy to talk about it, especially with the uninformed or the opposed. Be kind to yourself.