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Find Your Legislators.
Ask them to restore rights to adoptees to obtain their original birth certificates.

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Current Law

There are 4 classes of adoptees.

An inconsistent and unequal policy currently governs adult adoptees.

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About Confidentiality

Promises of confidentiality could not have been made without misinforming birth mothers of her rights.

Any adoption agency who told a birth mother otherwise was misinforming her about her rights under the law.

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DNA & Privacy

DNA testing is outpacing the law.

Birth parents are being “outed” every day. HB 5408 protects their privacy more than DNA.

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Help End Discrimination Against Adoptees Born Before 1983

Whether you just want to know more or you’re interested in helping out, YOU are a very important part of the legislative process to getting HB 5408 passed. Our volunteers simply cannot do this without your voice. Please let us know who you are. Fill our as much as you can and if you don’t know your legislators, that’s ok. Just use our tool above to find out.

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