Tips for Taking Action

We need your voice! Our experts are priming our state legislators but guess what? YOU are the most important piece to this process. So, we’ve put together some resources here for you. And we even created a printable toolkit for you to reference quickly on the go (like, let’s say you’re near Hartford and want to pop into one of your representative’s offices? Hey that works!)

1. Please ask your legislator to support our bill to restore the right of adult adoptees born and adopted before October 1, 1983 to obtain their original birth certificate. Read and/or print the bill text here.

2. Tell them why you care. (i.e. – I’m an adoptee; I need my family medical history; I want adoptees to be treated the same as other citizens, etc.)

3. Need more ideas about what to say? Reference our 2017 Position Statement which tells why access should be restored. Read, link, and/or print position statement here. Here’s a good sample email too.

4. If you send an email please send a copy to so we know your legislator has heard from a supporter. That way we can follow up and amplify your voice even more!

  • Position Statement

  • Fact Sheet

  • Sample email

  • Common Questions

And remember….

Passion, determination, and even anger (passionate, respectful anger) can persuade people and be helpful.  So can a calm demeanor, logic, information and facts.  Contempt, sarcasm, whining, etc. turns people off.  Enough said.


Be sure to listen carefully to what people’s concerns may be, so you can respond to their questions specifically. When they ask about birth mothers, what is their specific concern? E.g. – Do they think birth mothers don’t want contact? Let them know 95% of birth mothers want to be contacted. Do they ask about the tiny percentage of birth mothers who don’t want to be contacted? Explain how Contact Preference forms work. You get the idea.


Many people know little about the issues or have questions/concerns. Ask them if they would be willing to learn more about by following our Facebook page or reviewing our website. A big part of our job is informing people about the issues.


There is A LOT of good information on our website, some of it quite particular and helpful to us here Connecticut. Make sure you know your basic facts.


We’re here to help you, answer questions people have that you can’t, and provide what resources we can. Ask.


This is a more or less emotional issue for many of us, and it can take a lot of energy to talk about it, especially with the uninformed or the opposed. Be kind to yourself.