Newsletter #1
End Discrimination Against Adoptees:
Four classes of adoptees isn’t equality

Newsletter #2
Adoptee equality is the best policy
Did you know…

Newsletter #3
Adoptee Equality Is A National Trend
Let’s make equality the law

Newsletter #4
What Are Birth Mothers Saying?
In their own words, birth mothers tell us why they support adoptees rights to know…

Newsletter #5
HB 5408 And The Growth Of DNA Testing
Preserve privacy with adoptee birth certificate access

Newsletter #6
By The Data: Find Out Who Is Supporting Access To Original Birth Certificates
We unpacked the data for HB 5408

Newsletter #7
Physicians Endorse Access To Original Birth Certificates!
Family health history is vital to protecting adoptee health

Newsletter #8
Connecticut Birthmothers Support HB 5408!
They are silent no longer.