H.B. 5408 Public Testimony
Data distilled from HB 5408 Bill Page, sorted by state

Beauregard, Susan A. CT adoptee health DNA
Boynton, Cindy Wolfe, CT adoptee
Brown, Eliza Wolcott, CT adoptee DNA
Caffrey, Karen LPC,JD President, Access Connecticut Now, Inc CT adoptee
DelVento, Elizabeth, CT adoptee health DNA
Demeola, Karen, President CT Bar Association (CBA) CT adoptee DNA
Faraci, Michelle, CT adoptee health
Flaherty, Kathleen, CT adoptee health
Funaro, Gina, CT adoptee health
Guimond, Rita, CT adoptee health DNA
Holden, Richard J., CT adoptee
John Bowman CT adoptee health
Mckenzie II, M.ED., Marjorie Jessie, CT adoptee
Mowchan, Kathleen, CT adoptee health
Obuchowski, Elsa P., CT adoptee
Osbrey, Gary, CT adoptee DNA
Petrie, Susan, CT adoptee DNA
Pillarella, Gail, CT adoptee
Quey, Pat, CT adoptee DNA
Thompson, Kara Spain CT adoptee health DNA
Uhrig, James, CT adoptee heath
Vanech, Terri, CT adoptee
Watanabe, PHD, Myma E., CT adoptee health
Haas, Mary Ellen CT adoptive grandmother
Donahue, Brian, CT adoptive parent
Donahue, Daphne, CT adoptive parent
Fulton, Virginia, CT adoptive parent
Gabbard, Lynn, CT adoptive parent
Swift, Gayle H., CT adoptive parent
Goodridge, Carolyn, CT birth aunt
Gueniat, John, CT birth brother health DNA
Keenan, Susan, CT birth cousin
Mead, Christine -Scalzo-, CT birth cousin health
Broadhurst, Susan, CT birthmother DNA
Fable, Jan Luckingham, CT birthmother
Grusse, Ellen CT birthmother DNA
Harlow, Holly, CT birthmother
Hook, Diane, CT birthmother
Kelly, Judy Dr. CT birthmother
McQuade, Eileen, CT birthmother health
Montgomery, Barbara, CT birthmother
Palmer, Penny, Access Connecticut.org CT birthmother
Waggoner, Karen CT birthmother
Applebaum, Helen, CT friend/general supporter DNA
Baril, Cara, CT friend/general supporter
Bragg, Cheri, CT friend/general supporter
De Los Santos, Brenda, CT friend/general supporter
Finchler, Beth, CT friend/general supporter
Franklin, Amber, CT friend/general supporter
Gates, Rozanne, CT friend/general supporter
Lonning, Lucy, CT friend/general supporter
Thomas, Nicole, CT friend/general supporter
Thorne, Mike, CT friend/general supporter
Camillo, Fred, State Representative-State of Connecticut CT legislator
Cassano, Stephen T., State Senator-State of Connecticut CT legislator
Ferraro, Charles, State Representive CT legislator
Kokoruda, Noreen, State Rep-State of Connecticut CT legislator
Rose, Kim, State Representative-State of Connecticut CT legislator DNA
Connecticut State Medical Society CT professional health
Dobmeier, Mary-Beth, CT professional
Doherty, Margaret, Executive Director-CAFAF CT professional
Fuchs, Kurt , LCSW President, NASW CT professional health
Karp, Stephen, NASW CT professional health
Kukulk, Marek, Chief Executive-Catholic Charties,Inc CT professional
Mudrick, Michele, CT professional health
Pino, Raul, Commisioner , M.D., M.P.H.-Connecticut Department of Public Health CT professional
Rodriguez, Galo, CT professional
Zinck, Jennifer, Ct. Professional – Geneaolgist Council CT professional
Andrea Millette CT birth cousin DNA
Finch, Bill CT adoptee
Carlis, Tracy, CA adoptee
Hafdahl, Paula, CA adoptee
Stephens, Desiree, Member, Board of Directors-Access Connecticut Now, Inc. CA adoptee health DNA
Todoki, Erin CA adoptee health
Vitt, Theresa, CA adoptee
Verrier, Nancy, CA adoptive parent
Carangelo, Lori, CA birthmother
Collings, Patty, President, Concerned United Birthparents CA birthmother DNA
Donovan, Arlene, CA birthmother
Dotson, Laura CA birthmother health
Holt, Betsey, CA birthmother
James, Mary E. -Mimi-, CA birthmother
Reenan, Jo Ann, CA birthmother health
Uhrlaub, Rich M. ED, CO adoptee health
Aderhold, Kathy, CO birthmother DNA
Lopez Dr., Julie, DC adoptee
Dewell, Rochelle Burbank, FL adoptee health DNA
Pearlman, David, FL friend/general supporter
Mackinnon, Leslie Pate, GA birthmother
Gill, Susan, IA birthmother
Ghoston, Jennifer Dyan, IL adoptee
Epp, Susanna, IL birthmother
Feller, Juli, IN adoptee
Kroskie, Pam, IN adoptee
Zatonsky, Lisa, IN adoptee
Randolph, Brooke, IN adoptive parent
Drennan, Eileen IN birthmother
Fahlsing, Jennifer IN birthmother
Druesedow de Thelwell, Anissa, IN friend/general supporter
Leonard, David INTL adoptee health
Tannenbaum, Gaye Sherman, DNA Search Angel INTL adoptee DNA
Tash, Andrew, KS birthfather health
Mendenhall, Marilyn, American Adoption Congress KS birthmother
Waugh, Marilyn, KS birthmother
Cain, Theresa MA adoptee
O Connor, Susan, Adult Transracial Adoptee MA adoptee
Partridge, Penelope, MA adoptee
Seavey, Eryn McEwan MA adoptee health DNA
Strauss, Jean, MA adoptee
Pertman, Adam, National Center on Adoption and Permanency MA adoptive parent
McGulgan, Cynthia, MA birthmother
Davis, Etta Lappen, MA professional
Clausen, Linda MD birthmother
Samuels, Elizabeth J., University of Balitmore School of Law MD professional
MacPherson, Mandana, ME adoptee health DNA
Brant, Mona, MI adoptee
Vanee, Erica, Founder and CEO-Urban Curry Consulting MI adoptee
Luce, Gregory D., Adoptee Rights Law Center MN adoptee
Brumby, Diana , MN birth aunt
Kaiser, Carrie, MN birth cousin
Sally Macke MO birthmother
Koley, Catherine, NE adoptee
Humphrey, Jennifer, NH adoptive parent
Forrest, Eliaabeth, NJ adoptee
Franklin, Peter, AWOL NJ adoptee
Hasegawa, Pam , New Jersey Coalition for Adoption Reform NJ adoptee
Phillips, Zara, NJ adoptee
Riben, Mirah, Author- The Stork Market NJ birthmother
Guston, Debra E. J.D., Academy of Adoption NJ professional
Parsons, LeAnne, NM adoptee
Bachner, Suzanne, NY adoptee
Hancock, Jeff, NY adoptee health
Miller, Lynne, NY adoptee health
Phillippo, Christopher, NY adoptee
Robertson, Barbara, NY adoptee
Silverman, Ashley, NY adoptee
Bowen, Susan, NY adoptees’ spouse
Hutchins, Allison Brumby, NY birth cousin
Bahr, Joyce NY birthmother
D’Arcy, Claudia Corrigan NY birthmother
Dusky, Lorraine, NY birthmother
Franklin, Lynn NY birthmother DNA
Hoffman, Gretchen NY birthmother
Schaefer, Carol NY birthmother
Joan nyc-az., NY professional DNA
Myers, Susan LMSW, Adoptions from the Heart NY professional health DNA
Michelle Wadowski NY birthmother health
Gardinier, Nicole, OH adoptee DNA
Gladish, Kevin, OH adoptee
Greiner, Marley, Bastard Nation- Adoptee Rights Organization OH adoptee
Norris, Betsie, Founder-Execute Director-Adoption Network Cleveland OH adoptee
Edwards, Jane JD, OR birthmother
Coco Brush OR birthmother
Gall, Lori -Westover-, PA adoptee health
Stromberg, Julie, PA adoptee
Gall, Frank, PA adoptive family
Potter, Beverly, PA adoptive family
Hoard, Carolyn, PA birthmother
Sharp, Priscillla, PA birthmother DNA
Watson, Holly Louise Miller PA birthmother
Horgan, Nancy, RI birthmother
Wood, Tina, RI friend/general supporter DNA
Elliott, Steven Craig, TX adoptee health DNA
Gray, Connie Lynn, Texas Search Angel TX adoptee health
Harwell, Christina, TX adoptee
Hodgson, Shawna, TX adoptee DNA
Purcell, Marci, TX adoptee
Watson, Daryn, TX adoptee health
Slaughter, Richard, TX adoptees’ child DNA
Cummings, Donald, TX birthfather
Cummings, Deniece, TX birthmother
Clements, Irene, Executive Director-National Foster Parent Association TX professional health
Cochran-Green, Jennifer R., President-Adoption Knowledge Affiliates TX professional
Believeau, Cathy unspecified adoptee health
Buster, Travis, unspecified adoptee
Cooper, Marisa, unspecified adoptee
Corbeil, Karin, unspecified adoptee
Farkas, Jill, unspecified adoptee
Findley, Jeane, unspecified adoptee health DNA
Grazioso, Leigh, unspecified adoptee
Hawes, Patrick, unspecified adoptee
Jones, Katherine, unspecified adoptee
McHugh, TJ unspecified adoptee
Nichols, Joanne, unspecified adoptee
O Connell, Annette, unspecified adoptee
Ostern, Erika, unspecified adoptee
Paul, Maria, unspecified adoptee DNA
Payne, Stephen G., unspecified adoptee DNA
Pringle, Lori, unspecified adoptee
Theiding, Mirren, unspecified adoptee
Gardner, Alexis, unspecified adoptees’ child DNA
Bazinet, Angeline unspecified adoptive family DNA
Maxton, Glenda, unspecified birth aunt health
Brumby, Ann, unspecified birth cousin
Suter, Laurel unspecified birth sister
Mertens, Eileen unspecified birthmother
Rachel Lipowicz unspecified birthmother
Noyes, Andrea, unspecified friend/general supporter
Szymanski, Carol, unspecified friend/general supporter health
Eichstaedt, Sibylle unspecified birthmother
Anderson, Marie, The ALMA Society VA adoptee
Keaney, Maura, VA adoptee health DNA