DNA Testing, Adoptees And Birth Parents

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House Bill 6105, An Act Concerning Access to Original Birth Records By Adult Adopted Persons

DNA Testing, Adoptees and Birth Parents: Protecting Birth Parent Privacy By Restoring Original Birth Certificate Access To Pre-1983 Adoptees

What’s Happening?

Due to outdated laws denying access to original birth certificates, adult adoptees are resorting to consumer DNA testing to discover their origins. This, in turn, can expose birth parents in a much less private manner than legislation facilitating private communication between adoptees and birth parents while respecting privacy.

Why Are Adoptees Choosing DNA Testing?

  • Adoptees have a strong desire to discover their origins.
  • It is effective, convenient and inexpensive.

How Does It Work?

  • The adoptee learns the identity of other biological relatives who have tested their DNA.
  • Simultaneously, these biological relatives discover the adoptee’s existence and identity.
  • The adoptee and her relatives communicate and identify the birth parent, even if the birth parent hasn’t tested his or her own DNA.

What’s The Problem?

  • DNA testing “outs” the birth parent to biological relatives who have tested their DNA.
  • DNA results are shared with others while searching, further “outing” the birth parent.

What’s The Solution?

  • Pass House Bill 6105, which would restore access to original birth certificates for pre-Oct. 1, 1983 adult adoptees (age 36 and up), so birth parent identity is provided only to the adoptee and not to the birth parent’s biological relatives or others.
  • Facilitates private, direct communication between adult adoptees and their birth parents.
  • An optional Contact Preference Form can be used by birth parents to privately communicate whether or not they desire contact.

Please contact Karen Caffrey, President of Access Connecticut Now, Inc., at (860) 306-0900, with any questions or for additional information about the legislation.

February 2, 2021