Welcome to the 2019 Legislative Session!

Hi Everyone!

The 2019 legislative session has officially started and we are excited to work on a bill this year that would treat all adult adoptees in CT equal under one fair and consistent law. As you recall, we ended last year with great momentum and we are picking up right where we left off. The 200+ positive testimonies provided for our 2018 bill made it made it one of the most supported bills, via testimony, in the Legislature in 2018 (as was our 2017 bill the year before). We also made it favorably out of two major committees last year, Judiciary and Appropriations. We have to do it all again this year and get it over the finish line!

What have we been up to so far?

We’ve been meeting with legislators since the general election. Many of our supporters were re-elected, including our prime sponsor, Senator Steve Cassano (D – Bolton, Glastonbury, Manchester). He remains enthusiastically committed to getting an equal rights law in place this session for all adult adoptees. We’re working on building a team of bi-partisan legislators to help educate new legislators and leadership on our issue. Take pride in everything you’ve done up until now because the stickiness of our issue is ever present. Legislators are getting it, if they haven’t already. We’ll need more than ever in the coming months to keep our issue top of mind in the legislature.

We’ve also made an important addition to our team. We are thrilled to welcome Cindy Wolfe Boynton to our Board. Cindy is the President of the CT Chapter of the National Organization of Women and an adoptee. She is passionate about women’s rights and adoptee rights. As an active member of the Connecticut advocacy scene, Cindy will be an important part of our team in reaching out to legislators.

And lastly, we will be 100% grassroots in 2019. There is a certain strength from truly grassroots organizations and we want to leverage that. It also means we will need you more than ever. More. Than. Ever.

What’s next?

We’ll get a bill number soon and then we’ll need to begin submitting written testimony again! We’re expecting our bill to again be one of the most testified for bills in the legislature, as both our bills in the last two years have been. This is one of the things that helps make our issue stick, so please be ready to submit a testimony when we ask for it! In the meantime, check in with your legislator (especially if he/she is new) and tell them how important this issue is to you. Ask them for their support and let us know what they say! Start here to look up your new legislators.

As always, thank you for taking a stand, being involved, and using the most powerful thing you have in our democracy: your voice.


Karen, Carolyn, Eileen, Cindy, & Desiree

January 10, 2019